Training Plan for two days races

Hello, I and I want a training program for a two-day race. On the first day the race is 250 km, with several uphills and two long climb 15Km first and the after 40Km the second climb 10Km. The next day the race is 40 km flat on a slight slope for a while. Which program would you suggest?The race on October 8 is 250 km and the other day 10 October 40 Km race cercui I will be able to cope with this long distance?The races will take place on 2/3 October 2022 and on September 11 I will have an 80 km race with hills and a 10 km climb with 6/10 per cent slope
What workout should I do on the weekends and how long should it be?
Unfortunately I do not have a group because I live in an isolated area.
What training should I do on the weekends since I do not have a group?

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Hi @moulalis - I think you will benefit from our Stage Race Intervals plan:

This plans combines plenty of threshold work for your climbs with Sweet Spot, VO2’s, and Anaerobic intervals to get you ready to go for the GC. Annnnnd to really get fast, there are the diabolical Tabatas!

Since October is a ways out I recommend starting our sweet spot parts 3 & 4 to build up your base and improve your endurance beforehand.

Hope that helps - good luck!