Training Plan for Hilly Double Century

I’m targeting the Carmel Valley Double Century in September as my “A” event and wondering what plan I should do. I’m finishing up the 18 weeks intermediate Sweet Spot Plan (currently on last week) with slightly modified last two weeks. I’m attempting the Davis Double 5/18, first ever, and need some longer ride under the belt. One week following Davis, I’m attempting Eastern Sierra DC on 6/1. Two weeks after that, the LA Wheelmen’s Grand Tour on 6/22. I’m hoping to finish at least one double. I’m thinking of redoing the advance Climbing Intervals plan but it was a bit too much for me last year. I was around ~81 CTL at plan start last year and had a difficult time FtFP in the final two weeks. I anticipate to be around ~71 CTL this time around (currently at 74.2 but expecting to drop as I recover from each double attemp). I was thinking of doing the intermediate version with some longer rides. Climbing is my weak spot. What other plan do you recommond? Starting week 7/8, assuming a six week build with two weeks of tapper.

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From Davis double till your last event in June I’d recommend a race and recover type plan. You don’t want to build CTL between those as it will only fatigue you. Quick short intense rides to stay sharp. Rest phase after that last event in June for a week. Then ramp CTL in July into August for your goal event. Being a double century you’ll need endurance abs aerobic strength.

Try the Fondo plan. You will want longer weekend rides to plan for a double. But stuck with intermediate and add zone to the weekend.


We do have a Fondo Plan that doesn’t have as many intervals as the hill climbing intervals plan (aka its easier) and focuses more on the longer weekend rides:

You could also do some VO2 work and try to increase your FTP with our Road Race Intervals Plan - with the racing you have you could even do the “In Season” version: