Training Plan Advice Needed I

from training plan athlete Derek:
My 2020 goal is to finish Leadville in under 9 hours. I understand the w/kg that will be required to complete this. FTP is currently 4.1 w/kg but I weigh 195. My goal is to take now until December reducing my weight. Then I will follow the 32 week off season plan and do a few gravel races to stay sharp. The plan for the summer is to do group rides, races and then hire a coach for the summer or do the Leadville training plan. Is this a solid plan or am I missing something? I don’t feel that I need coaching until the summer. I also unfortunately live in the midwest with few climbs over 3-6 minutes.


Derek Smith

Hi Derek - awesome, so DEFinitely win in the kitchen and listen to the podcast @Jackson and I recorded this morning. Also read, watch and listen to this training tip here about losing weight:

Our 32 week plan is DEFinitely where to start for your 2020 Leadvilled prep. Re: hiring a coach in the Summer - yea that could work or you could check our our Coaching Subscription for $39/month here:

For a race as big as Leadville and a goal that large - you will be better served to hire a coaching in the winter to help you make the right training decisions - what to do and when. Then once you get squared away with that you can just execute the plan.

Frank thanks for the advice. I will look to add coaching sooner rather than later

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