Training Peaks vs Strava

My numbers for Normalized Power and TSS and always higher on Training Peaks than Strava. Which is more accurate?


I like to say, ‘Strava is for fun, TrainingPeaks is for business’ referring to the analytics .

Not sure why you are noticing the diff - I don’t even look at power data in Strava - 100% of the analysis I do is in TrainingPeaks


Strava uses Dr Phil Skiba’s xPower and BikeScore instead of Dr. Dr Andrew Coggan’s NP and TSS.

  • xPower uses a 25 secs rolling average instead of the 30 secs rolling average of NP.
  • Replace NP with xPower, you get BikeScore as opposed to TSS with NP.

Also, Strava also doesn’t maintain a history of your FTP. Every time you update your FTP, your CTL & ATL is recalculated based on that FTP (aka, bs). It’s setup for HR not power.