Training Peaks Power Zone Options Need a Sweet Spot

Frank, aka Mr. Sweet Spot, Have you ever talked with Training Peaks about adding an option to auto calculate power zones including Sweet Spot? They’ve got both the Andy Cogan and CTS 6-zone methods as pull-down options ( exactly the same save for the labels) and a bunch of others that I don’t think relate to your plans. I use the Cogan option and just manually calculate and add the Sweet Spot zone. But it’d simpler and, perhaps more importantly, recognize the importance of SS to the way a lot of people train to have a Cogan option that includes the SS zone. Cheers

4 Likes offer a sweet spot option for rides- I use it for this in conjunction with TP.

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Agree on the option :+1::+1:

Thanks. I see how integrates with Strava but not TP. What am I missing?

Just add sweet spot to TrainingPeaks as described here:


Yep. That’s the way I do it now. Just thought it would be easier and recognize the universal acceptance of sweet spot zone training to add a pull-down that already calculates and adds the sweet spot zone to the Cogan/CTS zones so you don’t have to add it manually. Haven’t heard from one of the FasCat coaches about this so I guess it’s not really that important to them. Whatever…

It’s important enough to them that they made directions and posted them on their website.

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Probably because you posted this on Friday night and we’ve been riding our bikes all day @steve2

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LOL! Cheers…