Train to plan or just go ride?

It seems that in North America and Europe, things are not going to normal for some time soon.

So, no races, no fondos, no large group rides, is there a purpose to training plan, say Sweet Spot 4?

Is there a case to be made to just go ride for fun. Push, pull, hammer and soft pedal mix.

The reason I ask is it is almost equinox and following 1 - 3 hour training sessions seem to be counter to what my heart says - “it’s summer and there is so much fun riding to do , why am I doing sweet spot and VO2 intervals? Let’s go play!”

Thanks. And enjoy the longest day of the year, here in the northern hemesphere anyway.

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We like to say “Work Hard, Ride Fast, Have Fun: #FtFP

In Sweet Spot Part 4 - the Saturday TSS rides are meant for exactly what you described -

I do think you want to keep developing as a cyclist and not neglect your physiology of getting faster. because ‘funner is faster’ and you’ll be much better poised when the racing resumes - way ahead of your lazy’er comrades


Thanks @FRANK. I do enjoy the training plans and am seeing definite improvements for sure.

What I have been trying to do lately is adapt the planned workout to the ride, or perhaps the other way around, with surprisingly good success by-in-large. So, still having fun in the good weather and training smart, #FtFP .

I’m into week 1 of SS 4, and I have to say, it’s a bit of a challenge - very different than SS 3.

Thanks for SS 4 too!