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So last week I did an FTP test, my number went up a little and I changed it in TP. I was looking at my settings today because I’m not sure my HR zones are accurate and I noticed that my power numbers in the different zones didn’t change at all in TP. Even after you pick “Coggan” for the method which I had done months ago, TP seems to default back to “choose method” as opposed to showing which method you’ve set and the numbers are being calculated at. Very confusing.

But overall, unless I’m missing something, TP doesn’t automatically adjust my power zone numbers even though I changed my threshold number. So do you have to do this manually each time your ftp changes? So go in and change ftp, then reselect “coggan”, then have to add in SS zone and calculate the %’s as opposed to it being done automatically?

Also, where can I find the %’s for HR zones you want us to use. The reason I stumbled on all this is I think my HR numbers have gone down but I’m not sure how to set that up. I did find the info for setting the power zone #’s


Congrats on the bump in FTP! Nice work.

Unfortunately yes you do have to manually add SS and recalculate. This is part of having custom zones in TP as far as I can tell.

Here is where you can read up on zones :

I have both of those pages saved in my phone. What they don’t explicitly say is how to set up HR zones. It shows power zones but then I don’t know what %’s, etc to use for HR section. The drop down boxes are different. I searched through the forums and saw a little different info on how to set that part up. So I’ve changed it a few times today and some of the zones are very different.


Use the Coggan drop down for HR as well. its a five zone system.
If you would like the exact %'s you can calculate that from the picture in the second article.:ok_hand:

So do I add a SS zone or not. I see different info.

And do I click on lactate threshold, max HR, etc. there’s 4 things you have to choose from 1st before TP will allow you to click on the coggan option.



yes. Fill in LT, Max, and min.

sorry, and LT is the option you want from the drop down.

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Thanks for the help. Want to make sure I’m not overestimating my TSS when I get outside and don’t have a power meter.

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