Tour of Sufferlandria

Hi Frank and Team. I’ve been working on my SS plans working toward the 2021 season and building up my CTL. I’d like to do the Tour of Sufferlandria as a challenge in February, and with my current training plan, it falls right toward the end of a 6 week block.

Should I try to overload with the event, and move the regeneration week to the right? or slide to the left and get a regeneration week before the event?

Given our long winters in Montreal, I figured the event could be a fun way to break up the indoor training. Thanks!

I would probably give you just a few easy days before and a regeneration week after. You will want to be fresh going in as it will be all high intensity training. So you will want to be ready to handle that load. It’s very difficult to go into a high intensity week while fatigued, especially early in the winter while only doing sweet spot training. So set yourself up for success. Maybe just take 2 days off 3 days out and day before just an easy spin. Then full on regeneration week after.