Tour of Flander - Long Hours

Hello, I am new to the FasCat Coaching…

Starting on Monday, and per Frank’s suggestion, I signed up for the 6-week interval training (intermediate) to prepare myself for the 229k Tour of Flander’s supportive that I signed up for in April. I have been putting in long rides on the weekends to get ready (at this point I am at 6hrs doing about 100 miles) in the current plan the longest ride is a 3hrs endurance ride on Saturday, should I modify that time and added additional time to the Saturday ride to build to 7h-8hrs for the 229k? The hours during the week are great. They work really well with my Dad/work responsibilities.

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Welcome @yell2wolfe!

Tell us more - can you post your PMC chart from the last 90 days so we can see how big your base is? Like this

I am trying to use FasCat2019 to upgrade my Training Peaks account to get access to my PMC and it’s showing it’s expired. You may remember I had the same issue with buying the training plan and ended up paying full price. (I have never bought a plan before.) Can we please fix this? I’d like to take advance of the discount.

Thanks! Here’s my PCM…

Now we are talking - however I can’t read the units on the y-axis - looks like your CTL is ~ 42?

If that we the case I’d concentrate on increasing your CTL for the next six weeks with sweet spot part 3 and then move over to your 6 week interval plan. More base / more CTL = higher power and better endurance for Flanders.

And! You probably want to adopt our Simulation Rides each Saturday working up to a 6-7 hour ride (Flanders is 229k)

Hope that helps!