Tour of America’s Dairyland

ToAD will happen this year if Covid subsides. 11 consecutive days of crit racing in SE WI. June 17-27.

What Fascat training plan or plans would you recommend as prep? Thinking about stepping back in after a 4 year hiatus. Kind of depends on what happens with Unbound.

Forgot to mention I just started Week 3 of 18 Weeks of SS.


Yes you will want to build a big base so the 18 week sweet spot plan is a great way to start! 6 weeks before the start of TOAD you will want to complete our criterium plan.

The most important thing is timing. You want to finish this plan the week before TOAD starts. But also before you start this plan you will want to complete a sweet spot training block so you have your CTL nice and high! That big base is what will help you through 11 days of racing. The 6 week interval plan is what will make you fast!


Many thanks, Jake. Looks intimidating today. In 15 weeks it’ll probably look great. :slight_smile:

I did exactly what Jake said 2 years ago, and raced ToAD. The Crit plan is a good one…if you follow all the workouts. Especially the 40/20s!


Hoping the races are on. A friend of mine just bought property in Fond du lac and we’re trying to coordinate being out there to visit during the races.