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Should I add Z2 volume when I have more time?

I’m on week 9 of the 16 week sweet spot low volume plan. My plan has been mid 300s -low 400s weekly TSS. I’ve been getting mid 500s - low 600 for the last 4 weeks. I feel great and am able to hit all the marks. Most of the extra TSS comes from twice weekly strength measured with heart rate or a few extra miles in the weekend tides.

I’ve got extra time and the energy. So should I tack on some time of riding after finishing the planned workout? And what zone? Mostly thinking the Tues, Wed, Thur rides.

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In some of the daily workout notes, frank mentions if you can add some Z2 work to extend the rides while not hurting your recovery or overall fatigue.



“more is better so ride longer in zone 2 if you can and have time AS LONG as it doesn’t affect your recovery and POWER OUTPUT for the workouts downstream”

is in the pre-activity comments of workouts in the “18 weeks of sweet spot - intermediate” plan.