Timing is everything

planing on starting the plan on Monday… I got 3 events on the calendar June 4th unbound gravel will be my A race, August 14th SBTGRVL will be B race with another long race in September time frame…

I have on my calendar Weights + base than wondering if i should jump on the SS plan or go with a gravel specific plan?

If its the weights + base plan that includes 6 weeks of sweet spot training (sweet spot 2). If it is the offseason plan that includes 10 weeks of resistance training and 16 weeks of sweet spot (sweet spot 1, 2 and 3).

So plug the weight training in, the base training and put in 6 weeks gravel plan starting 6 weeks before your event. Fill in the time left between your weights + base with sweet spot 3.

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Awesome!! I will purchase the gravel plan hilly to prepare for unbound.

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