Time Trial Plan

Hi there

I just picked up your TT plan as I want to do masters nationals in 11 weeks. I am currently road racing in the middle of the season racing 2 - 3 times a week. Can this plan be implemented into my current training and not be detrimental to my road racing. I normally follow a week something similar to below:

Mon: Day off
Tues: Hard Vo2 session
Wen: Endurance
Thur: Club league race
Fri: Endurance
Sat: Day off
Sun: Road race

I am 40 yrs old use a power meter and Hr , weight 66kgs and FTP around 270w. I would love to get to 300w but realise this might be a tall ask.



Hi @seanfitterflynn - we recommend starting your TT Intervals plan 6-7 weeks out from Masters Nationals. Until then drive your CTL up as high as possible with our sweet spot plans. The higher you can get your CTL the more likely you can crack the 300 watt ceiling at Master Nationals.

Hi Frank
Thanks for the reply, I’ll try this so and try to spend as much time as I can on TT bike? TT isn’t the end game for me as I enjoy open racing too so I guess hard open racing is beneficial to TT also?

depends, sorry. The best path to success is following the plan; our TT plan specifies the details of riding your TT bike. I can’t speak to what else you are doing, etc…but again this is a classic Coaching Subscription solution working in your training races