Time to Analyze!

Hi @Jake,

Thanks again for going above and beyond and setting me up for the rest of my training through to SG, really appreciate it. I had a quick look through it and all makes sense.

I’ll just go away now and FtFP and check back in in 4 weeks to see how things are going!!

Thanks @FRANK too for your help.





Been a couple of months so time to look at some data again. Had some ups and downs. Did an FTP (ramp) test after SS2 and had another improvement that I applied before doing the climbing plan. First half of the climbing plan went well and saw an increase in my 6 min effort power from week 1 to 3 (have to do the 6 min interval on flat ground - that really sucks - would prefer a hill!).

Second half of climbing plan fell to pieces. Missed a bunch of rides for various reasons. Final week 6 min effort was back to where I was at the start of the plan. Not really surprising!

Have just started the steamboat gravel plan. I started that as I was going to do a similar ride to SG the same date, so the training plan made sense. That has also fallen through. So not sure what to do. Not really motivated to be doing long gravel simulation rides for no real reason. Am thinking to maybe jump into SS3 and get back to building my base? Looking for recommendations. We might end up doing some kind of gran fondo style ride mid to late fall. Nothing planned yet.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks!



Hey Ben!

So they are doing multiple virtual Steamboat gravel races so that does make it a bit more fun than just say a solo simulation race. And if you find a course near you that is dedicated for the event you might see a few riders out. But completely understand you not wanting to go out for a solo 8+ hour adventure.

So looking at your performance manager chart and with just coming off an interval plan I would recommend you doing something like sweet spot 2. You should work on building up your CTL and fitness back up before the fall and winter. Give it that nice boost so you can finish the training year on a high note. That way you are going into the fall and winter training period with a good base. Otherwise you maybe playing catch up even more before next year starts.

Here is your PMC now

You are at a 52 now and were up to a 75. So let’s try to build back up to a 75. Sweet spot 2 really gives you the most sweet spot and base work. Also with just having a lot of intensity in your training it would be good to back that down a bit. But after that 6 weeks I would recommend doing our sweet spot 4 plan. You would still get in that great base work with sweet spot training but with the added bonus of some polarized training with some Vo2 max work to finish out. After those 12 weeks you could go into a 2 week off season, then onto fall foundation and onto our offseason strength training.

I see your ramp test came out to be basically the same power as your field test earlier in the year. Though those test were not too far apart. It’s at least satisfying knowing that there wasn’t a discrepancy there so you have an accurate number. The gains you had on the 6 minute effort is awesome! Sticking with the training you could have maintained those gains or maybe even more. So use that as motivation to finish out the training this year. One trick I use myself is finishing those type of intervals on a hill. I don’t have any 6 minute climbs but maybe some 2 - 4 minute ones and if I am doing intervals I can have my intervals finish the last few minutes climbing. But also it is great to be able to train yourself to doing efforts on the flats! Takes some disciple, concentration and will power.

What is great about the sweet spot 4 plan is that you will do your high intense intervals rested! You will have an easier Sunday, off on Monday and a short easy zone 2 ride on Tuesday before doing the efforts on Wednesday. This way you can get the most out of yourself for the high intensity. It will be change of pace from the plans you have done.

I can get those loaded in for you starting next week if you would like. Let me know! If you are going to just restart with sweet spot 2 like I suggested I would recommend just taking it easy this weekend so you can start the first 3 week build fresh!

Thanks @Jake - yeah it sucked that the second half of the climbing plan fell to pieces! A bunch of things happening that just prevented consistent riding. That’s behind me now, so getting back into it will be easier moving forward.

Jumping back into SS2 sounds good starting next week. If you can load that for me that’d be great! I’ll look at buying SS4 once I have some clarity around my fall riding plans. Thanks!



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Hey Ben,

I have that uploaded for you and you are set! I did take out the field test to start as I see no reason to do that right now. So did swap some workouts around.

Looking at the end of the plan your planned CTL is back up to 71!

Great! I was really happy with how my rides were going and how I felt when my CTL was in the 70s, so that works for me. Thanks Jake. Will get back to you if I have any questions.