Three peaks weekend break 3 Dec 2020 - Training adjustment!

Hi @Jake

I have 3 weeks left on SS3, however I have a 3 day weekend of climbing (900 vm -1,200 vm per day at about 6% average gradient) tentatively planed for the first weekend of December. I was wondering what you suggest I should be doing in terms of altering my training schedule in the run up to this weekend - intervals, tapering etc.

My CTL is 73 and ATL 78 at the moment and weekly TSS for the last few weeks has been hovering at about 550 and is about to ramp up to 750 to 800, this week onwards.

Over SS1, SS2 and SS3 (to date) my FTP has increased by 20 % .

I feel the need for some top end power, however, I’ll leave the speculation alone and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.