This year’s successes

I’m 36 and a mom of 3. I’ve never had athletic training and Oct. 2020 was the first time I’d ever done a 20 minute test (part of the off season plan).
187 for an ftp of 3.55
I’ve take a few ftp tests throughout the year and have very gradually raised it.
Today I took my fall FTP test:
207 watts for an ftp of 3.9

There’s been several ups and downs as I’m learning how to get stronger and how to race. Many times I felt frustrated with myself, thinking I shouldn’t be so tired or how come I can’t do this well. But slowly, sometimes painfully, I’ve made progress. I’ve bombed races, but I’ve also won 2.
I look back at my trainingpeaks and see how far I’ve come, and I’m pretty proud.
I still hope to get to a higher level and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish from now until next fall.
Thank you for the plans! I’ve loved them!
I’ve bought:

  • Off season plan with weight training
  • Hill Climbing Intervals
  • Road Racing Intervals

Good work, Lindsay!

Training takes time!! Way to FTFp!

-Coach Allie