The aftermath and what is next

first off I am very glad and thankful to have followed a structured training plan.

so here is what I did, how it went, conclusions I am trying to make out of it and some questions I have.

I started January 12 with the training plan (base2) and was at a CTL of 68. I already did a month a build up again to do more miles but did not find the motivation to get out like I did last year. I wanted to have a bit more of a ‘guide’. I want to point out that I always kept commuting to work by bike which would add around 200 k each week.
after the 6 weeks of FTFPing I got a very noticeable result as my CTL was now 80 fatigue was high with 93 and form was down -9. I did the field-test that week, plus a big training block with multiple longer rides to end that block. my FTP was the highest over more than a year.
then I got it wrong… I should have taken my wins and REST a week. I did not do that.
so I went with a couple of rest days into hillclimb training plan 2. as some may have read, that did not go as planned and by the rest week (week4) I was still making progress, but was way too fatigued to get the maximum benefit. I never felt fresh and kicking it, like it should feel at this point. so I stopped the commutes to focus more on the specific training for a week and picked them up with less travels. I also let go of the idea of doing the full LBL 260k loop I had in mind. it was too much too soon. so I ended with again a big improvement in my ftp (highest ever, better than the one I did last summer on a hammer ride) and Ctl was now 105 fatigue was 136 and form -5. ending my week of the test again with a big 100k gravel ride and 130k spirited road ride in the weekend
so happy days. but not all went as expected.
one week later (yesterday) was my ‘A event’ and I went to do a 140k cyclo (solo) in the Ardennes (not the 260k I originally was aiming at) and thought I would hammer it out. I did not do that. I did it, it was OK, but I did not have the good legs I started to feel a couple weeks back. I did get better at 100k and was able to do the last final climbs a bit better, but both my average speed and feel was lower than what I anticipated. it felt like I was pedalling squares and ‘governing’ instead of going all out, which could and should have been the goal and capability.

my conclusions and questions

I am still getting out of the hole I dug myself, but I think with some rides (longer days and shorter more high intensity work) I will be at a higher and most of all better allrounder level than I was before.
I am so glad I took the training. the hillclimb is a big step up from the base (but I could be biased on this as I did not start as fresh) take the rest weeks more seriously.
I have had the guidance and assistance from this forum to see through the fog to get back on track. I know a lot about my body and training from over the years, but seeing it in metrics and having a view with knowledgeable insight from the coaches here is golden.
what do I do now. redo the hillclimb intervals because I think I left something on the table or go for the higher shorter interval work as I am still not really training to do sprints?

I will do that ride again, but better :wink:


Bravo @nikowla
It takes guts to come on here and admit a mistake which will prove beneficial to most of us ‘newbies’.
thank you and well done

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thanks for the reply. I can only tell the truth and learn from it myself.

I have come up with an ‘idea’ of what happened. I flunked it big time…

I rode with a speedpedalec on Monday at 32km/h average on a 23km commute, did it solo on Tuesday and did a 7k stint behind the fastest speedpedalec that I can encounter on my commute. not only did I get a friendly look from the otherwise very ignoring guy. and I got a new threshold maximum power for 10 minutes… so I am good.

so my take on this is chill, wooosa wooosa, it is all important and so, but not and never to the point of not finding fun and joy in the race or ride.

I do still want to know what I need to do next though. new plan or this plan again? any ideas are welcome

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