Text vs Workout: Wk 12 of 16 SS

Hi all, I’m currently in week 12 of 16 in the sweet spot 16 week plan. This is a regeneration week.

The Wednesday ride calls for 4x15 minutes of sweet spot. The text says 7.5 minute recoveries, but the workout graphs and workout steps only have 2.5 minute recoveries.

Should the ride be longer and have those 7.5 minute recoveries? Just trying to figure out which is better here. I assume since it’s a regen week, it should be 7.5 minutes recovery.



Have you found the answer? I have the same doubt

I’m going to guess the correct answer is the 7.5 mins…
Usually the recovery interval is half of the work interval… So i would guess the 7.5min is the correct answer on this case.


Sorry for the confusing and delay. Best to take 7.5 minute recovery between the intervals. You can shorten the zone 2 before and after to get closer to the planned ride duration.

I’m going to fix it in our plan. Thanks for letting us know.