Testimonial - CX Summer Sweet Spot

Just wanted to drop a quick testimonial. Two years in a row now, the CX Summer Sweet Spot plan has gotten me back into shape after extended periods off the bike. I really love the combination of sweet spot rides with bursts, 15/90s, and big weekend rides. It does a fantastic job of hitting the various systems to get you into a reasonably well rounded fitness pretty quick versus SS1 for example.

I went from a CTL of 4 to 42 in 4 weeks, and increased my FTP by about 40 watts from the start to right after the recovery week. I’m in the final two weeks of the plan now and planning to do the hill climbing intervals next.

Full disclosure - I don’t FtFP exactly - I’m not doing the running exercises or cx skills work. I treat the third weekday ride as a Z2 or tempo interval ride to hit the prescribed TSS. So there may be a different FasCat road plan that would more exactly mimic the way I’m executing this plan, but nonetheless I can’t speak highly enough about the results this plan has delivered for me in consecutive years. On both occasions I’ve been shocked at just how quickly it has gotten me back into pretty solid shape!

Thanks Frank and FasCat team.

  • Jonathan Day