Tapering before Granfondo

I have some questions about the Fondo plan.
The plan is like that :

  • 3 workout weeks
  • 1 recovery Week
  • 1 workout week (big week)
  • 1 tapering week (and the fondo on Sunday)

Isn’t this taper too short before the event ?
Can I add a taper week before the fondo ? which could it be ?
Can I change the plan like that :

  • 2 workout weeks
  • 1 recovery week
  • 2 workout weeks
  • 1 (or 2) recovery weeks (with the fondo at the end of the tapering week)



As Frank would say just follow the plan. It works. Trust us. You don’t need a 2 week taper for a single day event. Once you apply your plan you can look at your projected CTL and TSB on the performance manager chart in TrainingPeaks. You want your TSB to be in the positive and you will see that it should be if you complete the plan as is.

Hi @patrakfr

In order to ‘get’ a real taper athletes need to apply a ‘real’ overload and that’s something we try to do for our coached athletes. We designed our Fondo plan to have a simple rest week leading into the event.

A rest week should put you on the start line with good power and endurance.

Taking 2 weeks recovery can have a negative effect if you haven’ applied a proper overload so you are getting into some gray area for modifying our plans on your own

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thank you for your responses.
It’s clear like that.


Here is a good read on the Art and Science of Tapering