Taper week for Crusher

My 6-week Crusher plan has a pretty extreme taper week (I’m doing the intermediate level, but I’ve previously added some intervals/time because I felt like I needed a bit more time in the saddle). When I started the plan, I had to move a few workouts around because of some travel. Now, I’m not totally sure I have the last week how it should be. Right now, it is showing rest everyday but Wednesday and Friday. Is this schedule correct? Shouldn’t I rest the day before the Crusher? And with this little riding, will i feel stale?

HI Gregg -

Presuming you’ve been #FtFP’ing (?) Monday & Tuesday should be completely off. Wednesday - short intervals short duration, off Thursday & openers Friday.

Hope that helps & CRUSH! Give this training tip a read for more information on a real taper (rest is best!) https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/tapering-in-cycling-for-peak-performance/

Thanks Frank. Much appreciated.