Taper Stage race interval / tour of gila (starts mid-week)

I have question about tapering for the Tour of the Gila which starts in middle of week WED 4/27/23. As an older rider I would be doing 4 stages: Mountain, TT, criterium, then mountain. I’m set to start stage race plan soon.
If I start plan 3/7/23 ending 4/16/23, there are 9 days prior to start.

If I start plan 3/13/23 ending 4/23/23, there are 3 days left prior to race start.
Thanks :slight_smile:
Appreciate any thoughts.

We have a 2 week taper plan that might be of interest to you? If you have time to include it, I see that you posted this question almost 2 weeks ago and we missed it…might be worth checking out?