Taper plan or...?


Is there a plan that sets out a taper for my goal event? I’ve got the plans set up leading to the event, but would like a full breakdown of how to prime the pump for maximum damage…

What event are you doing or which event? Some of our plans finish with an event that would have a taper built into it.

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It’s the Belgian Waffle Ride. You guys have me on SST1, then 2, then the Gravel plan.

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When you apply the gravel plan have week 6 finish on the same week as the race. The gravel plan has a built in taper and finishes with a race day. So you’re set!


We’ll all see you there, giddy up :rocket:

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I just planned everything out on TP minus one thing… The taper week is set for a Saturday race, but I’m racing on Sunday. What kind of day should I add, and where in the week?

Make Tuesday off. Wednesday efforts. Short zone 2 Thursday. Friday off. Saturday openers

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