Switching plans timing ⏱

Hi there, sorry I’m new to the plans so full of questions as I prep for 2023. I’m doing the 30wk off season plan that I plan to switch out 6Wks before my gravel ‘A’ race to a flat gravel plan however I have two questions… my ‘A’ race is Unbound on 3rd June, my prep race is Traka 29th April.

I originally thought ignore Traka and count 6Wks out from Unbound race day and start the gravel plan (i’ll just have to stick to the plan as best I can before and after the Traka event as it’s not an A race) so I’ll not be tapering or anything. Is this the best idea to focus on Unbound?

My next question is travel time, I’m in The UK (well Jersey) so there will be 2 days travel time between leaving here and arriving a day before then racing Unbound, should I perhaps count 6Wks back from the day I leave Jersey given when I get there it will basically be a shakeout/ activation ride the day before I race?

Thanks all!


Im in the uk too. Ill bet no-one US based knows where or what Jersey is :rofl:

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Hey Nick,

Yep, start the gravel plan 6 weeks out from race day. It includes a taper, you might need to make some small modifications with your travel schedule, but it’s best to have the plan line up with your race day, not the day you leave Jersey, or it’ll make the taper longer than intended.


Untrue. Not only do I know where it is, I’ve been!


hahahahaha good to hear.

Thanks as always @Christian ! Have to say slightly amazed you have been to my rock but great to hear! No doubt I will ask more questions as the months go on :sweat_smile: