Switch SweetSpot from Intermediate to Beginner

I completed Beginner SweetSpot 6weeks ago, then Intermediate SweetSpot this past weekend, and scheduled for FTP Test tomorrow. From increased volume the past 6 weeks on intermediate plan, and now revised (increased)work schedule increasing this week for the future, my hope is a nice FTP boost after completing FTP test tomorrow.

My question…after completing FTP test tomorrow can I maintain my FTP increase by switching back to Beginner SweetSpot volulme plan for next 6 weeks? I don’t think my work/life schedule will allow the Intermediate volume, but should be accommodating to the Beginner volume plan. I would like to maintain (or continue growing my gains) if possible. Thanks in advance.

The most important thing in training is consistency. Just whether you do the basic or intermediate plan it is about FtFP’ing. So you shouldn’t lose much on your FTP. Of course the extra workload is going to make you more fit as you would be putting in more training. But that is not always an option. So get the efforts you can in. Focus on that, the recovery, sleep and winning in the kitchen and should be able to maintain and build on what you have.

My only suggestion would be to look for times when you do have more time to train. Since you have completed an intermediate plan you have the ability to put in more training without fatiguing too much. So add in 30 - 60 minutes of zone 2 when you can, maybe on the weekends when you may not be working.