Swim lingo questions

Multi sport questions
Hi I’m new to swimming and all the lingo that comes with it , just wanted to confirm meaning of the following terms
8x50 kick/drill by 25 on 10SR ( do you use kick board? What does drill mean?)
100 Pull (is that a pull boyue?)
300 steady
100 Kick ( kick board?)fins?
25 scull only kicking ? With fins?
dolphin kick (use arms as well?)

This an easy one - the lingo can get a lot more complex!

Most of this appears to be optional and depends on the purpose of the set.

8x50 kick/drill - normally I would encourage swimmers not to use a kick board as kick boards can cause shoulder strain and encourage bad habits such as sinking hips, not pointing toes, etc. BUT for new swimmers, kicking without a board can be extremely difficult. In this case, I would use a board but hold it out in front of you with your arms straight and lift your head to breathe. This will help work on correct body position. The drill just means, pick a drill. You can find lots on you tube. Ideally you want to pick a drill that targets one of your particular weaknesses. If you do not bilateral breathe, for example, you may want to do 1 pull, 3 kicks on side. But really there are many many drills out there.

100 pull - this sounds to be a transition piece so with just a buoy works

100 kick - also sounds to be a transition piece or recovery so with a board works, no fins

25 scull - if you don’t know how to skull, using a buoy will help you focus on your scull technique. You could use fins for this but a buoy is definitely better.

dolphin kick - yep just kick.

Whoops, I just realized you were asking a training plan specific question. Nevermind (but I still hope I was helpful)