Sweetspot transition into Hill Climbing Plan; Int vs. Adv

I have completed 18 weeks of Sweet Spot Advanced and will be transitioning into the Hill Climbing Plan

I have not purchased the HC plan yet but is the main difference between the Intermediate and Advanced plan just more Z2 work on the weekday workouts?

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The advanced plan also has more full gas intervals and TSS in addition longer durations.

Philosophically I firmly believe all athletes over 40 should be on the intermediate plan (8-12 hrs)

Even if you can train more doesn’t mean you should :slight_smile: Physiologically you’re able to absorb more of the training, recover better and this get faster :muscle:

20 something and have 12-16hrs+ hrs to train :: go for it.

30+ you’d want to have a life situation career that supports your recovery.


Thanks, that makes sense! Mentally the challenge will be to reduce the volume, but like you say #FTFP

Follow on Question, I am using the Hill Climbing Plan for SF Haute Route…is that the right direction?

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From our switching from base to race podcast you’ll remember dropping volume is good for your training when you begin intervals.

Yes to Hill Climbing for HR SF - lots of 7 - 10 minute full gas intervals specific to the length of climbs in the timed segments (see product image)

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