Sweetspot plan, whoop and a freezing garage

I’m following the sweet spot plan part 1 but I’ve got dragged into the zwift racing league and I have substituted the Tuesday sweet spot ride for the Zwift Tuesday race.
I had a problem and fhe garage where I ride using the Turbo was freezing and I gulped a lot of very cold air whilst doing a very hard race.
The trouble was that my HRV, recovery, sleep and respiratory data from the whoop the next day was awful.
Is it that bad to train and ride in a very cold room?
Should I swap another training day work out to do a Zwift race?

How hard ‘did you go’ during the Zwift race? If as hard as you can and raced hard, etc… I’d guess that is the greater cause than exercising in the cold. It is not bad to exercise in the cold. Heat yes (more difficult to recover from)

I should also mention Zwift racing is not FtFP’ing :wink: To answer your final question :white_check_mark:


Thanks Frank, I know your right and I was fulgaz for 30 mins so from now on I’ll follow the plan. :blush:


Whoop update:
I’ve just discovered It takes 2 days for an older cyclist like me (56) to fully recover from a hard race. :thinking:
The good news is that my hrv is up to a new high level to which I presume is a good fitness improvement indicator.
No racing from now on though I’m FtFp’ing :grinning:

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