Sweetspot Base on TT Bike

Hi Coaches,
one quick question.
I just endet the 10 weeks of the resistance training plan and now onto SS 1.
My main Events are TTs.
Main Event this year will be the worlds in august.
So question is, should i do the SS work an the TT bike or on the roadbike AND do one/two rides per Week on the TT bike.
Greetings from Germany

If you are racing mostly TT’s and goal event is a time trial you should do most to f your sweet spot workouts on your TT bike. This is the position you will want to perform in so best to get comfortable in that position. You can do some of the burst workouts in on your road bike to mix it up. But yeah the steady intervals best be done on your TT bike.

Once you transition into a time trial plan you will want to continue to get the efforts done on your TT bike in your TT position.

Make sure you do your yoga and foundation work as well so you can keep up your flexibility and make that aero position as comfortable as possible.

Hi Jake,
thanks for the reply.
That’s what I was afraid of.

Yeah right :slight_smile:

If you‘be been doing your Foundations and your Yoga per the plan (#FtFP) you should have the hamstring flexibility and hip mobility to rock your TT position :muscle::rocket:

#FtFP for sure!!!
Best Trainingplans ever!
Thank you so much!

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