Sweet Spot TSS Ride Indoors

Chapeau @Jake for this Tuesday’s training tip video! I’ve been following the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan and wasn’t sure if I’ve been doing the weekend Sweet Spot TSS Rides on Zwift correctly so really useful to have the video to reference and happily my approach of tracking TSS on my Garmin head unit (and sweet spotting bottom to top on the climbs) is #FTFP’ing certified! Thanks again for creating such great training resources to reference!


Thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed it! I know I wasn’t the only one stuck indoors and using Zwift for my training. So thought I would share how I personally approach it to make it work.


Dear coach Jake
I think this video is spot on repose to my
Enquiries on the “ indoor outdoor” Weekend cycle.
It maybe happened by coincidence that my forum chat just gone up yesterday but your response with this video will enlighten so many people including myself who started to workout with power.
This video is worth more to me than the whole workouts I did so far.

I think your way of explaining in simple terms no jargons is exceptional. Your work is truly appreciated.
I will use this as a reference from now on how to transfer knowledge in the future
You are a credit for Fascat and well deserved the title of a coach!

Many thanks and best regards