Sweet spot burst workout

started week 4 of SS part 1 and just did this workout and boy was it tough! When I looked at it on paper I thought those 5 second bursts would be easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

This was a 4 x 8 minutes ON in Sweet Spot with a ‘burst’ every 2 minutes; 4 minutes recovery

Perform the effort at Sweet Spot Wattages, then ‘burst’ out of the saddle for 5 secs at 200% of your FTP then return to sweet spot wattages.

Bursts are meant to help emulate the stochastic nature of bike rides, where you have to give it some ‘gas’/hard efforts to get up a steep section, out of a corner or close a gap to a wheel.

You should feel like you are working but not “suffering”

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Yesbyiure bang on! did that workout yesterday @jamesstevens
Boy I suffered that last interval. Those 5 second bursts are a killer.

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glad I’m not the only one! I was only able to maintain tempo power on the last 2 min of SS. first time in a while I really, really couldn’t wait for a workout to be done!

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whoo it does get better, wait until you have to do 3x20 SS burst then the following day Tempo bursts 3x20 again #diabolical