Sweet Spot Base 3 plan - A Winner!

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the Fastcats Sweet Spot Base 3 plan.

In the past I have tried them all:- self-coached, paid coach (UK MTB ex-Champ), Zwift plans, British Cycling plans, Trainerroad etc. and rarely have any matched the results I got from the SSB3 plan and certainly not in such a short time frame after such adversity.

I’ll give a bit of a back story to put my comments above into a bit of context.

I’m a 46-year old male from England and my seasons goal was to try and qualify for the UCI Masters Grand Fondo World Championships in Poland on September 1st, 2019 (after many non-competitive sportive type Grand Fondos, this would be my first actual ‘Race’.)

Off the back of a good 2018 with some tough, for the UK sportive events Cheshire Cat (109 miles), Fred Whitton Challenge (113 miles, 9890ft, 30% grades), Dragon Ride – Devil (186 miles, 15273ft, 25 - 30% grades) and Dartmoor Classic. I took a short end of season break. I built a good base in November, December and January but then got ill. It took a while, but I was eventually diagnosed with Anemia (and some associated problems) which wiped me out for almost two months or a least made training pointless.

Heading towards April I had pretty much written off the 2019 season but was able to consider training again so I thought I try something different, nothing to lose in the circumstances. I purchased the SSB3 Advance plan, as even though I hadn’t trained properly for two months, I still felt that prior to being ill I had built a big, big base and some of this workload was not lost.

Anyway, it was refreshing and liberating to just FtFP. This enable me to use energy training instead of mentally thinking about the best way to train. I just trusted the plan.

The result:-

• I gained just over 7% on my FTP in 6 weeks

• Recorded the fastest time from my club for a 100 mile Sportive (okay not a race but good given how ill I’d been earlier in the year.)

• On June the 2nd I qualified at the ‘Tour of Cambridgeshire’ a UCI sanctioned event to represent Great Britian in the Masters Grand Fondo World Championships in Poland on September 1st, 2019


Congrats @bbturner67 - gonna give you the “Tip of the IceBerg” award :grinning:


If you haven’t done any full gas interval training yet there’s watts to be had! Road intervals for your Fondo and then of course our Fondo Plan.

Good luck and thanks for the high praise!

I second the Sweet Spot 3 praise. Awesome block. Helped me get ready for a gravel century. Now on to some in season MTB

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