Swapping long rides in the Calendar

Hi. I have more time on Sundays than I do Saturdays and I have a lot less time on weekdays due to work. Is it ok to swap the Sunday and Saturday long rides? I noticed that the Saturday rides are about an hour longer. I am doing the sweet sport 3 intermediate plan.


Hi Jeff,

Yes it is ok to swap those Saturday and Sunday rides, well for the first 3 weeks of the plan. There they are aerobic based and sweet spot rides. So you can do more on Sunday if that is when you have more time.

The fourth week is a regeneration week so you won’t have a ride on Sunday. Then after that you have attack style rides on the Saturdays which are long. These are better done on Saturday as you are fresher after a rest day. So I would work better if you can do them Saturday. But if you can’t, you can’t. You will just have to do the long rides on Sunday.

The other benefit to having the longer rides on Saturday is by having Sunday a bit easier and shorter help you recover better come Tuesdays efforts.

But long story short you can swap those if you need. It comes down to the workload and TSS. You should be able to complete both rides and workouts without compromise to either by swapping.

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Thank you Jake that is helpful!

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