Summer Cyclocross #secrettraining w/ Coach Brandon Dwight

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Cyclocross is coming, and getting ahead of the curve this summer will set you up for success come the fall. Cyclocross racing legend and FasCat coach Brandon Dwight is in the studio this week to share some of his favorite summer cyclocross training secrets so that you can come into the season FLYING. For more info, check out our summer cyclocross training tip:

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You guys were talking about starting interval training for CX in June. This seems super early to me given that the CX season can last until Dec. I would think that the goal in June/July and maybe into Aug is to maximize your CTL which isn’t necessarily consistent with CX interval training. What am I missing? Any thoughts on in-season CTL for CX?

Hi Steve! Thanks for listening and chiming in,

Coach @Brandon was talking about Interval training as in sweet spot intervals as in our Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot Plan :muscle: “interval training” from the context of ‘just riding’ >> now you are putting some intention into your efforts. Not full gas intervals like you’d do once the season got closer.

As you astutely noted - yes one (but not all) focus is raising CTL. Skills is the other focus. In an ideal world I like to have athletes hit peak CTL’s end of July or by mid-August. Very similar to our Master’s CTL podcast. Then similar to our ‘Switch from Base to Race’ podcast shift from sweet spot base to cx specific intervals as seen in our “Six Weeks to Cyclocross” Plan.

As for in season CTL’s - I’ve seen athletes do well anywhere from 45 - 90’s. Fresh is faster. Since skills are 50% of the performance equation I’ve know athletes with phenomenal skills and poor CTL’s still beat the guys/gals with high CTL’s but poor skills.

Once the season starts its difficult to raise CTL if you want to recover before the next race. As a coach I stop focusing on raising CTL once the season begins. Fresh is fast. However in order to peak for Nationals we do design a 4 day sweet spot block on Thanksgiving to raise CTL.

Hope that helps - thanks for listening, good luck with your cx season!