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I would like to know your opinions on my situation (might not be a very common situation around here), with the knowledge you all have i’m sure it will be useful to decide on my path :slight_smile:

Background: For most of my life, I was always basically a couch potato. 4 years ago i was weighting 105kg (232 pounds) at 170cm (5’7). I was able to over the course of 2-3 years lose a lot of weight (currently i’m at 73kg - 160 pounds). This was mostly done over spinning classes at the gym. It was something that grew on me and something i got passioned about. With time, I started switching things up to a more structured training. Invested in a trainer, and started following training plans. This allowed me more freedom in terms of the type of training (spinning classes always follow the same type of training - HIIT) and more freedom managing my schedule.

Funny Thing: I don’t know how to properly ride a bycicle. I only train indoor :slight_smile:

Objectives: My objectives are very simple. Improve fitness. And that’s pretty much it. This is where i think i differ from most people here, and from the concept behind most plans. I don’t wanna race, I don’t really have a pre-season/race-season/off-season.

But i wanna do it using training plans and structured training, which is what motivates me to keep training.

Also, regarding the “not being able to ride a bicycle”, i do have some plans to slowly learn and start doing some stuff outside. I believe that would make things even more enjoyable. But realistically speaking, racing won’t be a part of my plans in the near future.

Challenge: Over the past years I think i was able to build a decent base in my lower body. That’s basically 90% of what I’ve done. I’m currently at an FTP of 221, which is not amazing, but considering where i came from, i find it pretty decent.

The thing is: My body composition is very unbalanced. While i do carry some decent strength in my legs, I have very low levels of muscle in my upper body (I’m basically very skinny-fat - Low weight, but most of it is still fat).


This is basically what i have in mind for the next months/years, and what i want to achieve. This is where i could find some suggestions to see if i’m thinking correctly or if you suggest something else.

The 2 main points are:

  1. Weight Training ( More specifically upper body weight training )

In general, weight training is something that is viewed around here as not really necessary, or something that should be done at a specific season point (i was just listening to the podcast about resistance training).

But if we think about the main reasons as to why this is not recommended:

  • Upper body weight => Heavier Rider => Worse Performance: This doesn’t really affect me. I don’t care about races.

  • Too much body stress mixing weight training and bycicle plans: This is indeed relevant

My plan:
I want to do weight training (basically all-year around), but only for the upper body. Between 2-3 sessions/week. I don’t think doing legs is advisable, i would rather do it as recommended => Have a couple weeks of legs weight training in between plans.

Do you think my idea is reasonable?

  1. Bycicle Training plans

I still want to do some sort of training plan rotation. I think this would be beneficial to cover different types of training, and to keep me motivated (who would want to choose a plan and do it over and over without changing it).

I like sweet spot training plans, specially because i think it covers my weak spots (coming from HIIT types of training in spinning classes, it’s completely different).

What i was thinking is some sort of:

Sweet Spot => Interval Training (this one i could vary) => Resistance Training

and repeat.

Sorry for the long text, if you think i’m looking at things incorrectly please let me know, any input is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you


Hi @marcoferreira - this is all sounding good - what you want to do is
Resistance Training 1st followed by “Base” (Sweet Spot) and then move into race specific intervals.

That can all be found in our 32 week off season training plan here:

Read the product/plan description and follow the links to the training tips because it explains and expands on everything you mentioned. Its our GOTO off season training plan, read the reviews from results of athletes who followed it! Work hard and good luck!

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I was looking at that plan the other day, it would be neat to have warm/cold versions of this long strength-thru-base plan with the indoor winter version adopting some characteristics of the season-transition plan. It would give us the built-in indoor/outdoor ride options for months like Nov and April that can be unpredictable as to when you’ll be in and out during those weathery months. I’ll be doing something similar with some plan-blending help from the coaching subscription when that time gets here but I’d also jump at an optimized all-in-one for the snowy winter states.

The training is the same whether you are indoors or outdoors. Its the timing of what you are doing in relation to your season that you want to pay attention to the most.

If you are indoors you can export your plan’s workout like this


I have the same question about this… As an older (soon to be 51) rider who was also overweight (225 down to 170) and one who has only been cycling for about four years, I do want the upper body workouts. At my age, I need them to keep some muscle mass and bone density.

I don’t like a lot of the “jerking” movements I see in workouts especially with the shoulders (I’ve had both rotator cuffs repaired and a biceps tenodesis on one shoulder). Nonetheless, I still want that upper body workout.

I’ve looked through the 32-week plan and if upper body workouts are in there, I cannot find them. Are there any upper body workouts?



We do not prescribe upper body workouts in our plans because they don’t make you faster. We are here to make you faster on the bike. If it doesn’t we leave it out - spend more time doing the work that does make you faster.

If you want upper body exercises, to look good, maintain muscle mass, bone density - we suggest Yoga and we give you a 60 day FREE membership

We covered this question in last week’s Q&A podcast (about 1/2 way thru)

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Marco, I hear where you’re coming from. With my build, if I don’t lift weights my whole body composition gets completely out of whack and I end up looking like Champion from the Triplets of Belleville with a pudgy belly. No matter how low I take my weight.

I’ve found it best to incorporate full body workouts year round that activate the muscles but don’t leave me feeling wrecked. I try to do them in the afternoon where I did a hard ride in the morning.

A good example is the Art of Strength - Providence routine from Anthony Diluglio. Hits all the body parts, fairly short, minimal equipment. Especially good b/c it hits the core, hamstrings, back and shoulders. I do replace one of the squat sets with pushups - 10 pushups every 30 seconds for 2 minutes.

It’s a dvd but you can also find it on youtube. Here’s a breakdown of the routine -

The main workout is the 14 rounds. The 3 minute snatch test is optional.

Feel free to message me directly if you are interested in some other similar options.