Substituting race for workout

I’ve been following my training plan for the Tx state road race as closely as possible. This week is the regeneration week. My Thursday workout is 1.5 hours with 3x12 lactate threshold intervals. I’ve been itching to test myself and wondered if substituting a 40 min crit would be ok? Any pros or cons? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @rustybroussard - I want to answer but to give you the best consideration I’d like to see the training plan for the rest of the week and when the TX State Road Champs are in relation.

I hear ya on wanting to test yourself out - that is a good sign you are what I call a ‘caged cheetah’

Can you post here?

Hi Frank,

The Tx state championship is Sept 15th. This week calls for the following;

Wednesday: 40/20 Tabata’s, 1 hr 86 TSS
Thursday: 3x12 lactate threshold, 1.5 hrs, 102 TSS
Friday: Zone 2, 1 hr, 45 TSS
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Zone 2, 1hr, 45 TSS

Thanks for your help.

Thanks Rusty - what I meant is to post your training in the training calendar format. That’s when I can make sense of what’s what.

Shift/Command/4 on my mac

here’s a link, hopefully this works.


Sorry it doesn’t (the way the app works) just need a to see your training in a daily/weekly calendar format like this:

Ok, one last time. Sorry for the trouble

Now we are cooking with grease :+1: Yes, you could test yourself out in the crit tonight and move the 3 x 12 LT’s overtop the z2 on Sunday.

However, I can tell you - those Tabatas yesterday should have tested you out quite well!

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I have a similar quandary. I am about to complete the first 2 weeks of the 6 week Hill Climbing training plan. But, the Washington State Bicycle Association SweatFest Zwift races begin November 6th. That is a Wednesday. I have rest days planned for Wednesday and Sunday. I started the hill climb program to prepare to climb Haleakala while in Maui November 23. May I do the 60 minute Zwift race without significantly impacting my training?

Hard to say without actually looking at your training plan and considering the alternative workouts (the ones you are substituting overtop)

Since you are training for Haleakala which is maximal steady power , which Zwift racing is not (?) I am not seeing the benefit to your Zwift race idea besides having fun

Hi Guys,

Similar query to above.

Starting Road intervals Intermediate plan today.
There is racing at Mondello road track every tuesday for the rest of the summer and I will be doing this race as often as I can as it is great fun to race on great tarmac with no traffic to worry about. It is runs for 1 hour plus 1 lap and will a hard effort for me.

Can you suggest any tweaks I should make to my plan to replace/move workouts.

My target race for the year is the national masters on 08 August next so this plan times nicely with that date giving me a week to taper/recover and drive up TSB.



Hey Peter!
That is something a coach could help you to sort out. We have both 1x1 coaching and a zoom monthly coaching subscription. The reason I suggest that is because your training plan is like layers of an onion… and the workouts build upon each other (with tuesdays typically being one of the key workouts) so it is not as simple as just moving workouts around. What a coach will suggest for you will depend on how hard each of those efforts ends up being.


Hi Lacey

Lets go ahead with your monthly coaching subscription for the next 6 months and I can review any extension or upgrade then.

What do you need me to do at my end?

Kind regards


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