Substituting Group Rides for Workouts

We have two local group rides that I like to do, one on Tuesday evening and one on Saturday morning. The Tuesday ride is shorter (about 1.5 hrs) but intense with a race like feel. Lot’s of attacks and going hard. The Saturday ride is longer but not as intense. Could the Tuesday group ride be substituted for a weekly workout? Which type of workout would be best substituted for?

We are big fans of group rides and this question comes up alot.

For the purpose of this forum the best answer I can give you is ‘it depends’ - depends on your training plan, your goals, how hard or easy the group ride(s) are & what workout you have the following day (Wednesdays & Sundays) just to name a few.

I can say your question is exactly why we created the new coaching subscription to answer this question by analyzing the power data from this group ride and to revise your training downstream.

But (!) we did speak to your question in a podcast and if you are interested in watching this video:

Thanks Frank! Not sure substituting the group ride will deter my training that much right now. Maybe I can just fit it in between my interval days as the podcast suggested and not go as hard. Currently using the fondo plan for the final 6 week build period before tapering for the event. It’s not an “A” race for me so I’m not looking to really crush it. More of a fun event. I’ll probably check out the coaching subscription next time I’m training for a bigger event.

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