Substituting C race for workout

I´ve been following the 6 weeks to Leadville Trail 100 for a race that I plan to finish in around 7 hours next saturday.
There´s a race this sunday that would take around 2-2:15 hrs and I was wondering if it was ok to substitute saturday´s workout for the race on sunday and move sunday´s workout to saturday or if it is a bad idea to do this changes one week before my priority race?


Yea FtFP because the race you are adding is way more stress than what the workout and training plan had by design. Less is more.

Or will this race help you go faster the following week? I don’t know enough about you or the race to answer. Ask yourself tho.

On the other hand and this is a coaching question: do you need to race to brush up on your skills , your high end or something else or is this jus FOMO ?

Yeah I don´t think it will make faster and maybe is just FOMO so I´ll FtFP. Thanks for the fast response.

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