Strength plan - REVO


Starting my first ever FasCat plan tomorrow - Where do I find the REVO exercises. Is is the fire hydrant and skate only I see in the calendar?

Also should they only be done in rest day as advised?

Where is says hold for 30secs - what position am I holding here please?


Hey @frazrider, welcome to the FasCat team. We are excited to have you!

The revo exercises can be found in the description of your training plan on Mondays/Fridays and should be performed on those days. – this is the hydrant; hold it at the top position!
You can also use those revo exercises on workout days for muscle activation, or really any day. Just so long as it isnt at the expense of your training on the bike :slight_smile:


I don’t see this? I only see them on a Thursday which is my rest day During Adaptation. It shows skate and hydrant. I don’t see it on any other day???

Please advice


Further to last mail I see them on Monday and Thursday during hypertrophy. And only on a Thursday in adaptation. And only on a Wednesday in strength

Does that sound right?

Yes this is correct! for most plans (e.g. foundations and sweet spot plans) they are listed on mondays and fridays. They are wednesdays and thursdays during most of the resistance training :slight_smile:

Thanks. So to confirm for most weeks they are only once a week? Except hypertrophy when twice?

Yep! That is what we recommend for you to do at a minimum – you are free to do them more often if you like :slight_smile:

Hi Lacey. Last Q

In my days where I am in the gym there is reference to the 3 weight exercises and then it says strength and mobility movements. What are these strength and mobility movements I need to do please?


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Those exercises will be the same as the ones on your recovery days: the REVO (hydrant and skate exercises), yogaglo, and your foundations :slight_smile:

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Follow up:

  1. what does REVO mean?
  2. it says 2 of 3 activities, but there are 4 options: foundations, hydrant, skate, yoga.

Watch the video and then I think you’ll see what REVO is. Do the 2 that you think will help you the most. Do all 4 if you have time

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