Steamboat graining ride tomorrow

Hi - my training plan is showing a 9 hour ride tomorrow. I’m only doing the 100 mile event - would a 6-7 hour ride with lots of climbing in the heat in Napa, CA be sufficient.

I could also climb up Mt. Diablo 3+ times for 9,000+ feet of climbing at ~ 2 hours per lap.

Please advise on what to do as I don’t have time for a 9 hour ride tomorrow:(

Cheers - Mark

Yes @mark.newton - stimulate the ride you are going to be doing. So if you anticipate 7 hours, do that. Bonus points if you can also stimulate the 9k of vert in that 7 hours! :raised_hands:t3:

Be sure to practice your fueling and hydration too so that you are not doing anything new on race day.

We will be in steamboat, hope to see you there!

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Awesome. Thanks for the quick response:) I saw in the notes to eat rice cakes…that is new to me…is that something you recommend on longer races?

Enjoy your weekend and see you in Steamboat!


Personally I will use those for longer rides, but not for racing. But that is because I do not take the time to properly wrap them so they are easily accessible during race. There are many athletes that do and swear by them.

Ultimately the most important thing is that you find what works for you and eat enough of it so that you dont bonk :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks - looks like I have the same ride in my training plan again this Saturday:) This was what I did last Saturday:

I’m loving this Steamboat plan - it’s kind of crazy as I’m regularly setting PR’s without even going really hard and turning myself inside out (helps that it’s only been in the 80’s too vs. high 90’s) - just following the plan and power zones - felt strong too going to the summit of Mt. Tam for the 3rd time on this ride too. I’ll do a different/longer version of this ride this Saturday.

Not sure I can pull off rice cakes - I think they’d turn to crumbs in my jersey pocket:)

I will stop by to say hi at Steamboat - are you racing? I think I will run Panaracer Gravel King SS’s (rear) and SK’s (front) in 38’s. It doesn’t look like it is technical riding and about 30% is pavement so maybe I could use the SS’s front and rear.

Off to Moab and GJ next week to ride there prior to driving up.