Starting from the beginning

Newcomer 6 months into the sport
Super active previously but could probably use some strength…

FTP 175 3.1w/kg
124lbs 5’8
Can ride 3x week
Just want to get better! Aiming for my first fondo in 2021, not getting dropped in group rides and BWR 2022!!

Live in SoCal and have Zwift so can train all year easy :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

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Welcome @Bigevil - its a lifelong sport so you have a lot of riding and enjoyment coming to you.

Living in SoCal - you not only have great weather year round but you also have good terrain to climb. Unless you live in a super urban area with tons of cars you can ride outside almost exclusively.

Training 3x’s a week is OK but I’d encourage you to carve out at least 4 improve at a rate you’d like and then up to 5 if you can.

Start with our sweet spot part 1 the basic version and if you can make all the workouts turn green move onto sweet spot part 2 and consider switching from the basic to the intermediate level.

Hope that helps and have fun out there!

If you have a powermeter or plan to get one the 5 steps in this training tip will help you get started!

What would you recommend if only 3 days is possible to start ?! Or is it simply diminishing returns