Started 18w Sweet Spot

Started the 18w Sweet Spot plan after, basically, 4 weeks off (little riding). Looking forward to the gains! Thanks @FRANK for the kudos on Strava! Finished (outside of last 4 miles :slight_smile: ) Hincapie Chattanooga. Now, onward to Hincapie Greenville.


Might be a question outside of the forum for specific coaching but I am asking in general. I had a 4 week basically off due to broken ribs. Now, back on the plan and enjoying the progress. Of course, my ftp dropped about 8% at the start of re-training. The 18 week plan does not have another 20 min test (for obvious reasons!). However, it โ€œfeelsโ€ like my FTP is back to 235w prior to the bike injury. My questions is: Is it profitable to arbitrarily retest or to just manually adjust the ftp upwards? From a training standpoint, I am concerned that I will not get the maximal effect if I just keep the same FTP for 18 weeks.

This is the time when you want to look at your normalized power to assess your progress :slight_smile:

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