SST 3 only plan - advisable?

Hi all,

Hoping for some advice on SST 3 training plan. I am looking to buy a SST plan that I can use at a later date when building base (probably January/February). I generally maintain a good base all year round and even over Christmas generally keep up the miles. This means I roll into January with a half decent base. As a result of this I am concerned SST 1 (and maybe 2) may be too easy at that time of year i.e. won’t enhance my CTL and I won’t get the benefits.

Can someone provide any insight into average weekly TSS on the SST 3 training plan (intermediate) so I can work out whether this would be the right plan to jump into or whether it will be too big a step.

Any other general advice here would be greatly received. Not sure if it helps by I can usually do at least 3 x 20mins SST intervals in January before starting a build prrogramme.


SS3 has 500 - 800 TSS range for the build weeks for the intermediate level. That is 8 - 12 hours per week.

What you have to ask yourself is why and do you need to keep your CTL up so high. Some may find it beneficial but most would just tend to never get better and always just be at a plateau. That is why we also suggest different phases in the training.

Typically over November / December we talk about taking up a resistance training phase and building strength on the gym and on the bike. Then we would look to build fitness and CTL. Ramping up towards your peak CTL in spring. Then you would have a solid 6 week interval plan that is specific towards goals and events. This is how we find you to hit your best fitness.

And also even though the CTL is a little lower at times early on in the year it doesn’t meant you are not in shape and can’t complete groups and etc. It is just a way to build towards your peak fitness and reach your full potential.

Either way our Fathers Day sale last just another day, so still have an opportunity to get 50% of the training plan! You can apply whenever you like and as many times as you’d like once you receive the plan.