SS4 repeat or something else

I just completed 32 week SS plan plus SS 3 and 4. I was going to go into summer cyclocross but some osteoarthritis in my knee is making me think I should delay until it’s under control. Should I repeat SS4? I am also planning to do a gravel event in late September. Thanks!

Hi @guthzoot -

Good to hear from ya: first and foremost I’d figure out/confirm riding is alright with your knee osteoarthritis.

Then once you are sure riding is OK, for a gravel event in September do our Gravel Training plan. You should be a in a great position coming off of our 32 week off season and Sweet Spot Part 4 Plan:

Thanks Frank. I’ve done multiple 90+ mile rides with zero knee issues. Doing a light jog while crossing the street with my dog is another story. It’s the impact I’m worried about. So you think I should go straight into the gravel plan? BTW the SS4 plan really works. I always feel better and faster after completing it.

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Gotcha - so no running for you anytime soon.

Figure out how may weeks you have to training before your event and use the gravel plan and with whatever weeks are left you should incorporate some intervals to keep benefiting specifically for the power demands like you did with the VO2’s from sweet spot part 4.

Climbing intervals comes to mind since most gravel races have lots of climbing

or road intervals if the gravel race plays out like a road race