SS4 plan question - Swapping Tu for Wed

Any real downside to do the Wed Vo2 Max intervals on Tuesday. I do a group ride Tu that I can easily integrate intervals - go hard. Then I would do the Tu Endurance ride on Wed.

Side question - I also ride a bit longer on TH. I end up with a non compliant ride- higher TSS. Is this really an issue>

I like having the plans, but I work from home so enjoy my group rides also vs solo - follow plan exactly.
Would sacrifice some results for social aspect of group rides - changing up calendar a bit.


Hi Mark!

So the the whole premise of the plan is polarized training. That is going easier to go harder. So that is why Tuesday is an easy zone 2 day. This gives you an easier Sunday, off Monday, really easy on Tuesday so you are super fresh come Wednesday for the high intensity training.

Could you do Tuesday, sure as you would still have your off day on Monday. But that does change up the essence of the plan. Just make sure to have those Sundays easier as well so you can be as fresh as possible.

As far as riding more on Thursday that is fine as the hard work is behind you. Plus with the plan you get an off day on Friday. When athletes ask about riding more, or extra time we typically recommend on Thursday like that. Mostly just zone 2 and 30 - 60 minutes at most.

But as Frank would say just #FtFP. That is always the best option.

But with coaching that is what we do everyday. Figuring a way to make someones life schedule fit a plan.

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Thanks - If I recall correctly the the 18 week plan I did prior had a harder Tuesdays.

So what does #FtFP mean anyway?

I’ll see how I hold intervals today and Tuesdays vs Wed and go from there.

Life comes first for me. But I can see a hard core racer following plans exactly and getting coaching.


Hi Mark - this is a different plan/approach. Since life comes first for you and the group rides are important, go for it. Coach Jake is just saying this isn’t how we meant for the plan to be used.

Yes - two downsides: #1 group rides are not VO2 intervals even though they sometimes feel like it! #2 you’ll be too tired on Wednesday to take advantage of the max power you would be able to make had you of FtFP’ed.

Its a give and a take with cycling training. We tried to adjust it in one Q&A podcast here:

Frank - thanks. Agree most group rides you can not follow plan. Ride I mentioned has 6 hot laps in a circuit in middle - so ideal for intervals. I just follow the interval effort exactly on my wahoo- sit up -rest - catch back on next lap on the course. Anyway I know I will be fitter in 3 months after this then the gravel plan.

I’ll get my money’s worth on FTP increase better than no plan :slight_smile:
No more questions.