SS Base 18-week workout typo?

Hello. I’m about two weeks out from finishing 18 weeks of Sweet Spot intermediate. My upcoming Sunday workout is “Zone 2: Endurance + SPRINTS”. The workout notes say:

“SPRINTS: for the middle 60 minutes I want you to do 6 sprints (1 every 10 minutes) max 5 second effort on flat or slightly uphill terrain. Out of the saddle full gas using a mailbox, tree or pole as your finish line.“

However, the workout shows 15 repeats. Based on the workout it looks like 15 is the correct number, not 6, but wanted to confirm.

Many thanks.

Do 15 sprints. You are basically just doing a short 5 second sprint every 10 minutes of your endurance ride. Good question!

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Thank you, sir. I think. :slight_smile:

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