Split Season: Road Racing to Gravel

Next year I’d like to split my season: traditional road racing through May or so, a short break, then gravel for the rest. I had so much fun at SBT GRVL this year I want to make it an A race next year. My question is what plan should I do to bridge between Road Racing In-Season and SBT GRVL race? I’m considering gravel in-season, sweet spot 2, or gravel grinder? Whaddya think?
Thanks, George

Sweet spot 2 than gravel grinder between the two goal events. Before you goal road race you should get in some interval work as well with road racing interval plan at some point. This way you are getting in a bit more intensity as well.

The in season gravel plan is more for when you are going from one race to the next.

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Yep, that is part of the plan: resistance +base, rr intervals, rr in-season, mid season break, sweetspot 2, gravel grinder (SBT GRVL)


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