Sorting out a gap week

I started off with the 24 week CX offseason plan in mid February (2/13) but due to a respiratory virus in March, I had about 7 weeks away from my program and shifted the program three weeks forward once I could train again. Jake helped me sort out getting back on track, and I’m now in week 19 (of the 24) and riding really well (thanks, ya’ll).

My last week of the offseason plan is the week of 7/20 and then I have a one week gap (week of 7/27) before I start up the Six weeks to Cyclocross preparation block.

Racing is (tentatively) set to start here 9/13.

So, what do I with this one week gap?

Alternately, it looks like I could just start the Summer Cyclocross Sweet Spot plan next week (6/22) and that would take me straight into the Six Weeks block without the empty week.

What’s my best option here? I’ve got lots of time to ride.

“Sweet Spot up the WhaZOO!” as we like to say - start your CX Summer Sweet Spot and fill in the gaps later on this Summer as life arises, or not

So just to clarify are you suggesting I stop the 24 week CX off-season plan and move to CX Summer Sweet spot?

No - I guess I don’t know what you are asking then. Finish your plans and go right into the next plan - make your six weeks till cx plan be 6-7 weeks, I think.