So when do you recommend I cut the lawn?

Frank, under #6 Balance, you joked about cutting the lawn. But, that’s one of the things I need to do to keep my “balance.”

I try to do it after riding Sunday or Thursday knowing that the following days are rest days. Make sense?


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Those seem to be good days but how long does it take, is it a push or riding mower, or propelling kind and how hot is it when you are mowing?

Last question - how many steps (if not a riding mower) does it take (Fitbit style)

and last LAST question, can you outsource? :joy:

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Ha! Good questions. Maybe a good topic for a future Ask a Fascat episode.

I’m afraid I fall on the wrong side of all the answers. Takes too long (1.5 hrs), too much pushing (“self-propelling mower” that doesn’t propel so well after 7 years - the mower, not just me), too hot (typically 70F+), and too many steps.

I’ve tried to outsource it to my sons but they aren’t interested even if I throw them $25. Plus, the Zen of mowing my lawn has always added “balance” to my spring and summer life. And the leaf blowing and raking in the fall here in New England is even more satisfying.

Can I get some landscape watts? Honeydo watts? :slight_smile:

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a riding lawn mower is one of the best purchases I’ve made for training

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I totally agree. Half acre here. Got a rider to make it easier on the recovery. Marginal gains.

I don’t know if this is recommended or not but I actually use lawn mowing as active recovery on an off day. I have a push mower and it takes me about 45 minutes… so nothing crazy. I mow on Friday mornings before it gets too hot. Fridays and Mondays are my off days and I don’t feel guilty about it (thanks @FRANK !).

It’s juuust enough to get me moving but not too much to be taxing… and I actually feel better on Saturday’s than if I didn’t do anything.