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Hello team!

My current trainer setup is my cyclocross bike on a standard fluid trainer with a speed and cadence sensor, no power meter. I am looking at smart trainers, the options, opinions, and reviews can be a little daunting. I was hoping maybe the group has some good feedback? I have been looking at the TACX Flux 2, and Wahoo Kicker Snap (it is my spare bike, so I don’t really mind running tires off it). The Kicker Core is incompatible with my gravel bike frame if I were to retire or break the old cross bike.

Thanks in advance,
Tim C

Hey Tim!

Thanks for the question. Personally, I use the Kickr. Your cross bike can work on that specific trainer if you just take the rear wheel off. It’s been a great training device for me in the winter months or when the weather isn’t ideal OR when I am short on time. It has parts to change for the thru axle/quick release set up. I also have traveled with this, by car, it folds up (it is heavy!!) I really love this trainer. The power is pretty accurate, too.

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Thanks, Allie, my only concern with that one is my newer bike (Lauf True Grit Race) is listed as an incompatible frame. I worry if the old Crux were to finally bite the dust that I would have bought a $900 trainer that my bike doesn’t fit on.

I will definitely keep the Kicker in the running for the Crux.

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I also second the Kickr core. Do you know why the lauf is incompatible? I wonder if it has something to with the rear dropout?

I can’t speak to that specific bike but I do know some newer Trek bikes are incompatible due to the profile of Wahoo’s adapters that combine the 142 and 148 width thru axles. The adapters do not allow for proper mating to the bike like you’d expect on any wheelset. Here’s an article showing the issue. In short, the picture below shows the important bit in how Wahoo is supposed to fix the problem by making new, separate 142 and 148 adapters.


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Thanks Lacey! The old Crux isn’t giving me any reason to believe it won’t continue to go be a good trainer bike. The incompatibility problem with the Lauf is just what Jake points out below with the newer Treks.

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Thanks for sharing Jake!


I took the plunge and got the Kickr.
Did my first ride on it last night and definitely need to figure out the settings better, but I think it will be a great addition once I figure it out.

I bought the Tacx Flux S in December and I have my cross bike on it and it works great. I originally had some connection issues but once those were worked out it has been fine. I am not sure about the Tacx Flux 2 but the directions for the Flux S are almost non-existent with four or five pictures as the directions.

Thanks for the feedback. I use my cross bike as my trainer bike as well. It has been on the old fluid trainer with speed and cadence sensors. I did take the plunge and went with the Kickr, it showed up last night.

I will have a little more time to zero and mess with it before the 1 hour zone two ride tonight.